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Advisory services

We work for safe, efficient and sustainable construction. We do this by supporting the community with expert knowledge, the application of research results and by introducing new technology in our projects. As an independent body, we offer advice to municipalities, county administrative boards, other agencies and private stakeholders in ground construction and ground use.

Primarily we direct our services to municipalities, county administrative boards and other agencies, but we also carry out assignments for consultants and contractors.


In our role as an expert agency, we are independent and can therefore impartially audit and state opinions in various issues.

We provide expert opinions where our independence is demanded and we audit complex projects. We also undertake assignments in research and development.

Below, under each area of activity, we provide detailed examples of our expert knowledge and what we can offer.

  • Spatial planning and climate adaptation
  • Contaminated areas
  • More efficient soil works
  • Laboratory work

Contact us to find out more.

Spatial planning and climate adaptation

  • We offer expert knowledge and client support to municipalities, county administrative boards and other agencies, for example, in their work in developing strategies, plans and guidelines, for procurement and evaluation of investigations, and in spatial planning.
  • We also undertake special studies and produce expert data to identify areas with erosion problems or a risk of landslides, subsidence and mudflows. We can make assessments of how flooding and increased torrential rain will affect ground stability. We can help with the classification and valuation of the problems and propose alternative solutions.
  • We arrange courses and seminars.

Contact: Anette Björlin, Phone: +46 8 57845501

Contaminated sites

In Sweden about 80,000 sites are polluted and many of these sites are in need of remediation. There are also many contaminated sites in the form of old landfills that need to be examined and remediated.

  • We provide expert knowledge and client support to Swedish municipalities and county administrative boards.
  • We offer advisory services concerning general issues about contaminated sites (from inventory to remediation measures), but also specific questions about survey methodology, environmental chemistry, environmental law, waste and landfill technology.
  • In accordance with the agreement with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, we also provide concise free advice to all Swedish county administrative boards and municipalities in their work with contaminated sites and landfill.

Contact: Mikael Stark, Phone: +46 13 201809

More efficient soil works

We offer:

  • Review of documents (including GK3 audit): The work may comprise reviews of documents concerning geotechnical conditions and geo-structures. The review may comprise technology choices, design, calculations, fulfilment of technical requirements, the impact on the environment through vibrations or lowered groundwater level.
  • Client support: Work may involve support in dialogue with consultants or contractors. The work may include assistance in interpreting technical specifications, establishing a supervision programme or other documents. The work may also include assistance when preparing technical requirements. We can also conduct site inspections during construction work.
  • Method descriptions and guidelines: We can help with the preparation of method descriptions, guidelines, or different types of governing documents.
  • Environmental assessments: We have significant expertise in the environmental field, comprising contaminated land and groundwater, waste classification, landfill technology and re-use of alternative materials in civil engineering applications.

Contact: Yvonne Rogbeck, Phone: +46 13 201893

Laboratory work

We carry out investigations of soil and other solid materials, such as waste, industrial by-products and construction products, according to European and international standards. The SGI Laboratory is accredited by SWEDAC according to SIS-EN/IEC 17025:2005 for most environmental and geotechnical tests.

Contact environmental tests on soil:
Camilla Peterson, Phone: +46 13 201839

Contact geotechnical tests on soil:
Fredrik Burman, Phone: +46 13 201822

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