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Laboratory Services

The facilities at SGI include a soil laboratory that is accredited by SWEDAC for tests in the geotechnical and environmental field.

Development of test methods

The SGI Laboratory has a long experience of development of test methods, guidelines and standards. SGI plays an active role in standardization work that is carried out by national and international standardization committees and their Swedish mirror groups.

Unique competence

Being part of a research institute, the Laboratory has access to a unique combination of expertises from various fields, such as soil mechanics, geology, chemistry and microbiology. This implies that we can perform special investigations and offer overall solutions and qualified technical evaluations.


The SGI Laboratory is accredited by SWEDAC according to SIS-EN/IEC 17025:2005 for most environmental and geotechnical tests on soil and other solid materials, such as waste, industrial by-products and construction products. The annual evaluation of the accreditation body, SWEDAC, ensures that the laboratory has a high technical competence to perform specific test, a high standard of operation, strict routines for calibration, control and documentation.

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