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Photo: Anders Rudäng/Lst Västra Götaland Photo: Anders Rudäng/Lst Västra Götaland

Support to agencies

Our role is to support other agencies, municipalities and county administrative boards throughout the country to prevent the occurrence and consequences of landslides, subsidence and erosion. We also provide support with concise advice in contaminated site and landfill issues.

The support we give to other agencies is free and comprises:

  • Support to the Rescue Services in the event of danger for landslide and subsidence. We help the municipal rescue services with advice and work in emergency situations. That is, when natural disasters occur or when there is a risk of landslides, subsidence or erosion.
  • Auditing the planning process. As support in the spatial planning, we examine both the detail and comprehensive plans. We process planning, infrastructure and coastal erosion issues. All planning matters that concern the Göta älv are audited by us.
  • Short-term support in contaminated site and landfill issues. By agreement with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, we offer concise free advice to all county administrative boards and municipalities in the work with grant and supervision issues.

Basis for spatial planning

We conduct our own mapping of landslides and vulnerability to erosion. We also cooperate with other agencies to coordinate existing documentation related to landslides, subsidence and erosion.

The results of our mapping work and inventories provide support and basis for spatial planning in the form of reports, maps and other tools and data.

Risk of landslides and vulnerability of coastal erosion

From 2009 to 2012, we conducted the Göta älv study to see how the consequences of climate change affected the risk of landslides in the area. This was the beginning of the landslide risk mapping of our rivers and water courses that we are now continuing to work on.

We also catalogue general erosion conditions in Sweden and have started to map the vulnerability of coastal erosion along our coasts, lakes and water courses.

Coordination of agencies' map data

Today there is a great deal of planning documentation at the various agencies that may be difficult to interpret. In addition, there is no comprehensive picture of the existing documentation, what information it provides and how it can be used. We have therefore been assigned to make it easier for municipalities and county administrative boards to work with climate adaptation in terms of landslides, soil and rock fall and coastal erosion.

We are cooperating with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), the Swedish National Land Survey (Lantmäteriet) and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) to harmonize the map data. We have produced a guidance for how this documentation can be used. Download the report SGI Guidance 1 (only available in Swedish)

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