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SGI staff at a meeting in Japan Photo: TIT

Staff from SGI at a meeting in Japan

SGI visits Tokyo for knowledge exchange

27 March 2020, 10:55

Research cooperation between Sweden and Japan within the field of soil stabilisation has been successfully carried out for more than 20 years. There has been an exchange of researchers and several joint research activities. Various publications have also been issued. The next meeting is planned to take place in Sweden during 2020.

SGI has a statement of Agreement with the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) and the Port and Airport Research Institute (PARI).

Results from joint research activities have been presented at International Deep Mixing conferences on several occasions. A paper with results from a collaborative laboratory study between Japan, Sweden, Portugal and Italy has recently been compiled for the Deep Mixing conference in Poland. Laboratory mix tests have been carried out on regional soils with regional and non-regional binders. Unconfined compression tests were performed to investigate the effect on stabilized soil strength.

Sustainability and life-cycle perspectives of stabilised constructions are important topics for future cooperation. There are e.g. ongoing accelerated aging percolation tests at SGI based on a Japanese test method.

SGI visited TIT and PARI in Tokyo in November 2019 for knowledge exchange and several visits were made to various laboratory facilities and sites. The next meeting is planned in Sweden in October 2020. 


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